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Screen Saver Lock using Group Policy on Windows 2008 R2
In Windows 2008 R2 , Microsoft changed the location of some polices. one of the change affected the place of adjustment of Screen lock policies Now it is under:  User Configuration>Policies>Administrative Template>Control Panel>PresonalizationThe policies that you need to adjust are : Enable Screen Saver Prevent Changing Screen Saaver Password Protect The Screen Saver Screen saver Timeout Note: Remember that policy is applyed to users, not computers. Read more
EXIF Viewer not working in Chrome
EXIF Viewer Is one of my favorite Google Chrome plugins. what it does is displaying the EXIF information on every photo you see in the internet. The reason I like it it is , because I don't need to press anything, I just navigate my mouse , and walla, it shows the details. One day , after some of Google Chrome updates it just stopped working, Instead of showing the information it looked like that . I searched all over the internet and found nothing, on the plugin developer site Read more
Selective Time Machine Backup for Mac OS
After using my Mac for while, I started been concerned about my notebook backup. I knew that Mac has a wonderful mechanism to backup all the data and settings , but I was very surprised when I discovered that I need to allocate more than 350 gb of disk space to accomplish it. It was clear for me that I don’t want to backup everything on the computer . My goal was to perform a backup only of the system and application I had, I could easily live without my music and movies, which I have on Read more
How to copy a file from Mac OS to linux
Coping a file using your network is not a strait forward task when we are speaking about Linux and Mac OS .There are few ways to accomplish this task. Option 1 is to use  SCP (secure copy) command – it is actually using SSH. Here's a few quick examples: Coping a file from your local machine (MacOS) to Linux First you need to navigate to the folder where the file is , using the “CD” (change directory command). In the example bellow I navigated first to the folder downloads , and Read more
WP-Admin Blank or Not loading
It is really frustrating when you can’t access wp-admin folder. It hapens to me once and, now I’m sharing posible solutions with you. It can be caused by several issues. So this is what you should check, and possibly solve it. Solution 1 Rename your Plugins folder and check if you can access admin menu, if issue has been caused by plugin you will be able to access. Than try to isolate the plugin, by disabling them one by one. Solution 2 Rename your original wp-admin and wp-include folders, Read more
HRESULT Error 0x8007ffff – Solved
I got this  error while trying to login to HP ProBook laptop. Whenever I put password I got HRESULT error with 0x8007ffff code and on the bottom it just says 'OK' i press it and it goes back to the login screen. First option is to use HP recovery tools and try to use recovery/repair CD Using this option you are in risk to lose your data-Not Good. Other option is try using some other administrative account. I was able to login with local administrative account , also you can use domain Read more
Outlook 2010 Automatically maps mailboxes
A new client side feature which Microsoft has released in Exchange 2010 SP1 is the ability of Outlook 2010 to automatically map all mailboxes to which the logged in user has full access. There by, on each mailbox that you have been granted Full Access, you will see it on your own personal mailbox. In Order to disable automatic mapping: Go to this user mailbox, right click on it and choose manage full mailbox access, then just remove your user from the full mailbox access page You can use Read more
Grant editor permission to calendar via power shell Exchange 2010
The old fashion way for granting permission was to access user calendar and share the calendar from client. Exchange 2010 allows us to use power shell for assigning calendar permissions. You can add Reviewer, Editor and all other permission types remotely without moving from your chair. To assign Calendar Editor permission use the following command: Set-MailboxFolderPermission -Identity Granter_Username:Calendar -User ‘Granted_username’ -AccessRights Editor You can review calendar permissions Read more
Outlook 2007/2010 Favorites bar disappeared
  If your favorites bar in outlook is missing from any reason you can return it by simple step.         Close your outlook . Navigate to Start>run Type outlook.exe /resetnavpane Your favorites bar will be restored but you will need to re-add your folders again. Read more
BES 5.0 remote wipe Blackberry Device
  In BES 4.1 there was an option to remotely wipe BlackBerry devices. In BES 5 it exists to , but you need to dig little bit to find it. It is located under: BlackBerry solution management > User > Search for required user> Click the users PIN number> at the bottom of the page press on  “Delete all device data and disable device” Read more