Apple is experimenting with color displays iPhone 3G

Resource held Apple iPhone 3G comparison of  firmware version 2.0 5A345 and 2.0 5A347, the result was that in the first case, display devices noticeably yellow, while the latter is dominated by shades of white.

In the view of the resource, originally a manufacturer, apparently tried to achieve a warm color and thereby improve the quality of the image, but then refused for unknown reasons from those intentions and released an updated version of software, which after installation and correction of color setting iPhone 3G are no different from those for original iPhone, and where there was no hint of yellowness.

Such experiments seem strange, because most users like displays, a natural display of different colors, but the demonstration shades of yellow color instead of white often annoy them.

It is noteworthy that in this case the problem lies precisely in the software, rather than in the matrix displays, different copies of which may vary in color: after staff resource updated firmware from version 2.0 5A345 to 2.0 5A347, display their iPhone Yellow 3G stopped.