Due to the risk involved, The procedure must be done very carefully. It is good first to do some training on non operational domain .

To restore Active Directory DB from backup:

  • Determine exactly the object name that needs to be restored (OU name).
  • Reboot domain controller into authoritative restore mode.
  • Restore the system state from last backup.
  • Open a command window
  • Run “ntdsutil”
  • Type “authoritative restore”, press Enter
  • To restore a subtree, type “restore subtree” and the entire object name of the subtree to be restored. For example, to restore the sub-OU “Test ou2″ located in the upper-level OU “Marketing”, use the following syntax, being careful to capitalize as necessary: Example “restore subtree OU= Test ou2,OU= Marketing,DC= your sub domain name ,DC=your domain name ,DC=com”
  • Type “quit” to exit from authoritative restore mode
  • Type “quit” to exit from ntdsutil
  • Reboot into normal operating mode

Replicating Restored data to other Domain Controllers

So basically what we did , we loaded the appropriate subtree into the replication system.
and no we need to Replicate the AD as follows:

  1. Open the AD Sites & Services MMC
  2. Open a DC that is not the one that was just used to restore Active Directory Data
  3. Open NTDS Settings
  4. Right-click each of the other servers and click “Replicate Now”

Good luck

And remember if you have any way to avoid this procedure , please use the other way

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