List of common .cpl files.
With this list It is easy to manage like restricting access to programs and more

Access.cpl     Accessibility properties
Appwiz.cpl     Add/Remove Programs
bthprops.cpl   Bluetooth management
Collab.cpl     (People Near Me
)Color.cpl      Color Management
Desk.cpl       Display properties
FindFast.cpl   FindFast (included with Microsoft Office for Windows 95
)Firewall.cpl   Windows Firewall Management
Hdwwiz.cpl     Add Hardware properties
Inetcpl.cpl    Internet properties
Intl.cpl       Regional Settings properties
Irprops.cpl    Infrared Port Properties
Joy.cpl        Joystick properties
Main.cpl       Mouse, Fonts, Keyboard, and Printers properties
Mlcfg32.cpl    Microsoft Exchange or Windows Messaging properties
Mmsys.cpl      Multimedia properties(Sound)Also Setasio.cpl
MSConfig.cpl   Microsoft System Configuration Utility.
Modem.cpl      Modem properties
Netcpl.cpl     Network properties
Ncpa.cpl       Network Connection properties (Very useful in Vista and Windows7
)Nusrmgr.cpl    User Accounts properties
Nwc.cpl        Gateway Services for NetWare properties
Odbccp32.cpl   Data Sources (32-bit ODBC, )Data Source Administrator properties
Password.cpl   Password properties
Powercfg.cpl   Power Options properties
Sapi.cpl       Speech Properties
Sticpl.cpl     Scanners and Cameras properties
Sysdm.cpl      System properties and Add New Hardware wizard
Telephon.cpl   Phone and Modem Options properties
Themes.cpl     Desktop Themes
TimeDate.cpl   Date/Time properties
Wgpocpl.cpl    Microsoft Mail Post Office
Wscui.cpl  Windows Security Console

Non Microsoft CPL’s

ac3filter.cpl           AC3 Filter

Adobe Gamma.cpl  Adobe Gamma

VersionCueCS2.cpl Adobe Version Cue CS2

apppaths.cpl          Sets application paths, start-up commands and system services

plotman.cpl           Autodesk AutoCad Plotter Manager
agcpl.cpl               AvantGo Connect

avconfig.cpl          Configures Avira Antivirus program

bpcpl.cpl               Configures BackPack CD driver

bdeadmin.cpl        Configure Borland DB engine

ipcpl.cpl                IconPackager icons and cursors tool
igfxcpl.cpl             Intel display utility

jpicpl32.cpl           Java Runtime settings

plugincpl1xyz.cpl   Oracle’s JInitiator settings

nvidia.cpl             Nvidia graphic adapter settings

quicktime.cpl        Quick Time configuration

prefscpl.cpl           Real Player preferences

alsndmgr.cpl         Realtek AC97 Audio Control Panel

sendtotoys.cpl      To configure the Send To right click system menu

s32lucp2.cpl         Symantec LiveUpdate