Windows 2008 has built in policy GPO for wireless setting management.
You can configure your network setting using Certificates. It is the most recommended and secure way
But if you like to deploy the wireless settings using static key, you will have to use other way.

The steps bellow describe the way to deploy Wireless LAN settings with a Pre-Shared Key
The purpose is to Automate Adding Wireless Profile in Windows.


  • Configure Wireless settings on one workstation
  • from command prompt run
    netsh wlan export profile name="NameOfyourProfile" folder=c:temp interface="wirelesssettingsā€¯
  • Confirm that under c:temp you have wirelesssettings.xml file
  • Open wirelesssettings.xml file locate the following line
  • Change it to <protected>false</protected>
  • Under you will see encrypted line <keyMaterial>01000000D08C9DDF0115D1118</keyMaterial>
  • Change it to your key like that <keyMaterial>Yourkey</keyMaterial>

    Note: It means that your wireless key will be in clear text and everyone who has access to the file will be able to read your wireless key"


  • Copy your wireless settings xml file to NETLOGON
  • Create a bat or cmd file with the following line
    netsh wlan add profile filename="\yourserverNETLOGONwirelesssettings.xml" user=all
  • Run the bat file from some domain member computer and confirm that it works

After finishing all steps above you can deploy the script from GPO

Note: Setting are applicable for Windows Vista Windows 7 and Windows 2008 Only