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Separate email messages and SMS/MMS messages in Blackerry
Use Separate Icon for SMS messages, and for regular email messages. Since OS 4.2.1.xx on Curve and Pearl Blackberry Devices ,there is possibility to separate email messages and SMS/MMS messages indicators . Go under Messages, hit on menu button, go to General Options, scroll down to SMS and Email boxes and you now have three choices! Theme Controlled - Some themes automatically have a separate SMS icon . That option just leaves it up to the theme default. Combined - Will deliver SMS messages Read more
BlackBerry Enterprise Server: Users Not Receiving Messages to Handheld After Mailbox Move
Users Not Receiving Messages to Handheld After Mailbox Move BlackBerry server maps user mailboxes by using a process called worker treads. Blackberry version [], is capable of mapping worker treads back to a user mailboxes when a mailbox gets moved to a different store by scanning the GAL for changes in the Server DN.BES users may not receive messages to their handheld device after a mailbox move . After mailbox move the BES server should pick up the new mailbox location and start sending Read more
Can’t delete messages on Blackberry Device
I had this problem, and I didn't want to wipe my device and run activation again .. So why it happens? The message list corrupts from some reason and as result BB OS cannot reference the message ID and delete the message. Solution: Conect your device with USB cable , run BB desctop Manager and select backup and restore. Press on Backup , save the file on your local computer. Then Pres Advanced on backup menu , select messages on Handheld DB and press Clear Now the corupted messages list is cleared Read more