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Create ncpa.cpl shortcut to Network Connections
In Vista Windows 2008  or Windows 7 when  you right-click the network icon in the navigation area, but it does not take you directly to the Network Connections properties as we are used to in Windows XP 2000 or 2003 . You can access Network Connections management menu by running ncpa.cpl from run menu or you can create a shortcut that will access those menu by key combination. To create ncpa.cpl shortcut Right-click on the desktop Click: New>Shortcut Type the location Read more
Windows Control Panel CPL Files list and description
List of common .cpl files. With this list It is easy to manage like restricting access to programs and more Access.cpl Accessibility properties Appwiz.cpl Add/Remove Programs bthprops.cpl Bluetooth management Collab.cpl (People Near Me )Color.cpl Color Management Desk.cpl Display properties FindFast.cpl FindFast (included with Microsoft Office for Windows 95 )Firewall.cpl Windows Firewall Management Hdwwiz.cpl Add Hardware properties Inetcpl.cpl Internet properties Intl.cpl Read more