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Windows 7 Remove Disable More Features – Free Disk Space
Like in Windows Vista , Windows 7 allows you to remove unnecessary feature from your default instalation , you can do it to reduce disk space and shrink your installation Unlike Windows Vista , that had limited list for features available for removal , in New Windows version you have the ability to remove a large list of applications . For Example: Games TFTP Windows Media Player Windows Media Center Windows DVD Maker Internet Explorer 8 Windows Search Handwriting Recognition (through the Read more
Can’t Uninstall IE 7 or IE 8 After Windows XP SP3 Installation

After Windows Xp SP3 Installation you cannot uninstall Windows Internet Explorer 7 or Internet Explorer 8 Beta 1.

To uninstall IE from your system you need to revert Service Pack installation , and only then uninstall Internet Explorer

Follow MS SP Removal Guide

Note: This issue does not occur if you Install IE after SP3 installation

Windows Vista/Xp Uninstall Internet Explorer 8
Tired working with  Internet Explorer 8 beta? IE8 Beta 1  occasionally crashes or doesn't  respond well  when browsing websites, and users suffer to close the browser with apply to send the error study to Microsoft. The bugs or crashes happen more frequently especially if you are using any third part application as Yahoo or Google toolbar. IE8 can be uninstall by via Add or Remove Programs in Windows XP In  Windows Vista, Windows Internet Explorer 8 is been categorizing as an ‘update’.  Read more