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Networking Interview Questions
• What is a NIC? • What is a MAC Address? • When would you use a crosslink cable? • What are the main advantages and disadvantages of Fiber-Optic-based networks? • What is the difference between a Hub and a Switch? • On which OSI layer can a router be found? • What is CSMA/CD? • What is multicast? • What is Broadcast? • What is the difference between TCP and UDP? • Describe some of the settings that are added by TCP and by UDP to the packet's header. • What are TCP Ports? Read more
Windows DHCP MAC Address filtering
Usually in MS systems any device requesting for IP address will get IP from DHCP server without any authentication. DHCP MAC address authentication can help prevent unauthorized devices to connect corporate network. With DHCP Server Callout DLL installed Windows administrators can filter DHCP requests to DHCP server by Mac address. DHCP Server Callout DLL checks if this device MAC address is present in known list (text file) of MAC addresses configured by administrators If it is present, device will Read more