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Windows Vista networking
Network and Sharing Center: In previous versions of Windows, there wasn’t a single place to go to view, configure, and troubleshoot networking issues. Windows Vista changes that with the new Network and Sharing Center, which provides access to new and improved tools that take the guesswork out of networking. Seamless network connections: In Windows XP, unconnected wired and wireless network connections would leave ugly red icons in your system tray, and creating new connections was confusing Read more
Vista 50 Tips and Tricks
Vista 50 Tips and Tricks Publish at Scribd or explore others: Windows Technology tips Vista Vista 50 Tips and Tricks 1. Command Authority Like a scene straight out of Kramer vs. Kramer or Mad Magazine's Spy vs. Spy, Vista has two types of administrators. What gives? First, understand that there are two kinds of user accounts, Administrator and Standard. This refers to the level of privileges—the things you're allowed to do. In addition, and separately, there is an account named Administrator. Read more