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Troubleshooting common system management issues in VMware ESX Infrastructure
________________________________________________________________________________ 1003926 Troubleshooting the VMware VirtualCenter Server service when it does not start or fails ________________________________________________________________________________ 1003895 Stopping, starting, or restarting the VirtualCenter Server service ________________________________________________________________________________ 1003928 Troubleshooting the database data source used by VirtualCenter Server ________________________________________________________________________________ 1003971 Determining Read more
VMware ESX 3.x VC 2.x Comand Line Interface (CLI)
ESX 3 x and VC 2 x ESX 3.x and VC 2.x Introduction Purpose of this guide This guide is designed for people who already know ESX 3.x and VC 2.x quite well. Although it starts as a beginners guide initially, it pretty rapidly starts to assume very good knowledge of the system. I would recommend you get to grips with the GUI first, and feel comfortable with Vi-3 before attempting this guide. That said – you might be wanting to carry out a discrete procedure from the command-line. So feel free to Read more