Gil Kreslavsky is an experienced travel photographer who organizes small workshops for photography lovers around the world.

For more than a decade I travel around the globe documenting people’s lives and photographing human stories in their natural element.

My photography style bounces between documentary, photojournalism, and travel photography, in the breaks between travels I’m a passionate street photographer.

My constant quest to capture the emotions and faces of people from all cultures and religions, both in remote and populous regions of the world, has led me to spend much of my time in South East Asia and Africa.

I try to see the beauty in everyday scenes and tell stories about them.

In 2017 I based myself in China and established the first International Photography Club in Chengdu (Chengdu Photo Club). The club connected thousands of photography lovers from China and abroad and made Chengdu a second home for me. After the pandemic I had to leave and I’m still in a search for a new home.

I’m a public speaker, photography instructor and shoot documentary stories for various NGO’s.  My photos have been shown in various travel magazines both online and offline.

In my free time, when my energy isn’t being poured into my craft, you can find me riding a motorbike or on a Vipassana meditation retreat.