Photography Workshops

Gil Kreslavsky holding camera
Gil’s photography is all about capturing the raw beauty of life as it happens. He has a natural ability to capture people in their most intimate moments, in a way that is both beautiful and authentic.

He has been traveling and teaching photography around Asia and Africa for more than a decade. It is a place where he feels most at home. In his workshops he shares with you not only his extensive photography experience but also his love of traveling.

Gil’s workshops are always based on personal experience. The locations we will visit have been visited previously and the main points of photographic interest have been carefully selected. This is to ensure all participants get the highest quality experience possible.

He is not just an experienced photographer, he is also an expert educator. He puts strong emphasis on education in his workshops, making you a better photographer, but also a better traveler.


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  • The 3 day trip we made across Aba Zhou prefecture in Sichuan was a great, educational and bonding experience. We participated in a local Tibetan wedding, ate delicious cumin flavored, spicy fried potato wedges, sat by a small bond fire and shared our stories as we bonded over locally brewed Chinese homemade alcohol. We visited Tibetan Buddhist Temples and Monasteries, learned the essence of photographing beautiful landscapes, pagodas and the people’s movements against The Golden Hour...when the sun sets and the shadows are vivid and the sky filled with golden and orange sun-lit rays. On one memorable night, we even climbed a hill against the cold evening winds and patiently captured the magical Milky Way using a long exposure. In the morning, we drank delicious creamy butter yak tea and devoured tasty, organic omelet sandwiched in toasted bread spread with jam and peanut butter as we prepared for the journey back to reality in Chengdu. Definitely an unforgettable 3 day magical trip.
    Joe Onginjo - Kenya
    Sichuan Photography Workshop
  • "An incredible adventure. Epic locations. Spectacular photos. Gil hosted us as we explored the best parts of India to capture the most incredible images. For me, it was a 12 day masterclass in falling back in love with my camera and getting the sharpest shots possible."
    Marc Kornberger - South Africa
    Participant in Colors of India photo tour
  • A huge thank to you for such a wonderful adventure! I feel like I have been away a week, learned a semester of knowledge and met some amazing people and photographers. Sincere thanks, it was brilliant. Tegan, Australia
    Tegan Dullard - Australia
    Participant in a China photo tour
  • Gil is my photography mentor. After several failed attempts to study in different schools i came across Gil who taught me everything i know:to work with the exposure triangle, to understand the subtle conversation between light and shadow and on and on. We spent a whole day in Tel Aviv museum studying composition, he sends me digital books so I could go deeper into various subjects. Occasionally we would go out shooting together and when in the far east we would have zoom lessons. Gil is very focused, serious, says very little and very meticulous. He never gives empty compliments, therefore whenever he is satisfied i know I succeeded. To conclude: he always insists that one chooses a workshop or photo shoots not by location but mainly by the guide/teacher. I am so pleased i met Gil
    Sheli Cohen - Israel
  • I participated in two daily workshops with Gil in Israel. I can wholeheartedly recommend Gil as a photography guide; He is one of the best!

    Gil has a wealth of knowledge and experience which he generously shares with his students. He also manages to maintain a balance between the theoretical part and the practical part of the workshop.

    Besides being an amazing photographer, Gil is very professional and thorough as a teacher. Everyone will receive their attention and guidance throughout the day.

    Gil is also a friendly and warm person, and this makes the whole experience a joyful and enjoyable time.

    Allow his passion for photography to flow through you and you will see an immediate improvement in your photography!

    Sharon Eilon, Israel

    Sharon Elion - Israel